The Confal a.s. company purchases, sorts and recovers dangerous processing scrap (dross) from its customers. We have built up granulation equipment for recovery of dross. The system...



We provide a comprehensive recycling service for companies they produce aluminium waste as a sub-product with their activities. A long-years verified obviosity is the just-in-time accurate...


Our technologies

Construction and mode of operation of the rotary furnace (product of ALUmonte company) represents the most progressive know-how in this area. The method of smelting without...


About us

Confal Inc. is the largest aluminium recycler in Slovakia and a well-known European producer of high-quality aluminium alloy for aluminium foundries and refining mixtures for the steel industry...


Markets we focus on

Besides of our domestic market our export of produced aluminium heads mainly to European Union countries.


Our products

The Confal company has been the biggest producer of aluminium alloys on the base of scrap re-melting in Slovakia for several years. The production technology is designed to allow to change the type of produced alloy...