The Confal a.s. company holds the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate issued by the certification company SGS in the field of aluminium alloys production, aluminium master alloys, semi-finished products and finished products from aluminium.


Quality of our products:

  • we have improved the purity of metal by filtration
  • have installed a spectrum analyser Magellan (product of Quantron company, Germany)
  • we have improved arrangement of sorted material and its labelling by building a system of boxes; by these improvements we manage to avoid charging of undesirable material as well as to reduce number of nullity melts.
  • custom-built information system monitors production costs; by using a simulation of a production process this system is able not only to evaluate exactly production costs of each alloy but also to help to statistically evaluate effectiveness of smelting of various charging materials; obtained data contribute to stabilization of production process.