Sorting and processing of scrapm and sheets of metal

Scrap is sorted on a sorting line that makes easier and accelerates manual sorting. We manage to give exact quantities of sorted impurities according to separate sorts to our suppliers shortly after delivery. We use a press for modification of sheets of metal. A crusher with manipulation hand helps to simplify manipulation and storage of large capacity scrap. We add selected scrap into liquid metal without any additional modification.


We have a production line for processing of chips. Complex equipment allows to process, to separate magnetically and to dry up also very wet chips from treatment of aluminium castings.


We purchase from our customers technological scrap from non-iron metal foundries in a form of dross. This dross is recovered by granulation using our own equipment for granulation of dross and by subsequent recasting into aluminium alloys in a rotary furnace.

Smelting capacities:

Smelting process is performed by the technology as follows:

- Rotary furnace
- Smelting furnace 
- Maintained furnace

Construction and mode of operation of the rotary furnace (product of ALUmonte company) represents the most progressive know-how in this area. The method of smelting means ecological and energy saving processing of aluminium scrap.