Confal is the largest aluminium recycler in Slovakia and a well-known European producer of high-quality aluminium alloy for aluminium foundries and refining mixtures for the steel industry.

Almost 100% of the raw aluminium input in our production consists of secondary material - scrap. Using an advanced environment-friendly technology we are able to process all aluminium waste categories from production waste (i.e. turnings, skimmings, dross) over demolition scrap (construction profiles, shredded car wrecks scrap) up to household collection waste and packaging foil.

In comparison to primary aluminium production from natural raw material - bauxite we save by recycling in each produced ton of alloy approx. 4 tons of bauxite and up to 95% of energy needed in primary. With the recent technology we can process some ten thousands tons of aluminium waste yearly.

Confal (in the past Kovod Trade Inc.) arised in the nineties from a company trading with metal waste. Since 1998 the main activity is the production of aluminium alloys on the base of aluminium scrap re-melting. The ambition to be as close to foundries as possible was the impulse for the company name change from Kovod Trade to CONFAL (in latin conflare aluminium = to cast aluminium) and for starting co-operation with one of the largest Italian foundries - Industrie Pasotti, which built in 2006 directly in the production hall of Confal a die-pressure casting foundry with a capacity of 2500 tons of aluminium yearly.