We provide a comprehensive recycling service for companies they produce aluminium waste as a sub-product with their activities. A long-years verified obviosity is the just-in-time accurate logistics individually customized to meet the related processes.

We process all kinds of aluminium production waste incl. dangerous categories – skimmings, dross, turnings, chips, saws, scraps, cuttings, membranes, spatters, flutters, cast-in pieces, inflow feed systems etc.

At the same time after agreement we offer to our customers smelting their production waste into aluminium alloy of the same or specified chemical composition in a quantity acc. to a balance calculation.




You can download detailed information HERE...

Our service includes:

  • appropriate container or vehicle placing (tarpaulin truck or tipper) acc. to the waste category
  • big-bags renting
  • hydraulic loader manipulation - loading, moving
  • rest emulsion releasing of the material from double-bottom containers into customer’s collection tanks
  • full container pick-up on aor full vs empty change
  • logistics optimisation consulting service